Tobacco Products

Tobacco Products and Its Many Forms

Tobacco products have been around for years. However, tobacco use is the biggest preventable cause of death and illness in the US.

On the other hand, can you recognize all the different types of tobacco-related products? Until today, tobacco has been reshaped to meet users’ needs.


The basic ingredients of most cigarettes are tobacco, paper wrapping, and a filter. Even though smokers use a cigarette to absorb nicotine into their body, the most harmful and toxic stuff that could lead to cancer are created when the dried leaves are burned.

Cigarettes are one of the most common tobacco products on the market.



Another product is cigars. This thing is cured tobacco wrapped in a tobacco paper or tobacco leaf. The size is varied and generally, it delivers a higher amount oftar, nicotine, and carbon monoxide than cigarettes could.

Cigars are more appealing to adults due to some fruity and candy tastes in it. Also, it is cheaper than cigarettes.

Water Pipes

Water Pipes or also known as shisha, argileh, narghile, or tobacco, are used for smoking. They use tobacco and turn it into various flavors such as licorice, cherry, and mint.

This product also delivers the addictive nicotinea nd provides as much toxicity as cigarette smoke.

Electronic Cigarette

Electronic cigaretes represents the traditional cigarette but it uses a battery to turn the heat. To get the taste and smoke, it uses liquids that contain flavorings and nicotine extracted from tobacco.

The shape is various as well as the taste.

Dissolvable Products

Back then, smokeless tobacco products require discarding or spitting the product remains. Nowadays, dissolvable products of tobacco are available on the market.

It is marketed as sticks, strips, and lozenges. Some of them look like candy and according to the advertisement it has flavors and more appealing to young people. Still, it can lead to addiction to nicotine.

Traditional Smokeless Tobacco Products

A smokeless tobacco product is divided into two main types in the US such as moist snuff and chewing tobacco. Chewing tobacco is in the form of twist leaf, plug, or loose.

On the other hand, the snuff form is powdered or finely cut. Most smokeless tobacco products are used by placing them between lip and gum.

This product is also available in various flavors and causes nicotine addiction like other products of tobacco.

This is the end section of all tobacco products you may find on the market and we hope that you do not drug yourself because addiction is never a good thing.


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