Tobacco, cigarettes, and smoking are things that cannot be separated from each other. Yes, tobacco is the main ingredient of cigarettes that are enjoyed by many people all around the world.

Well, the activity is namely smoking which is interesting and addicting but at the same time, dangerous as well.

There is a long history of how tobacco can be formed into cigarettes and enjoyed by many people all around the world.

Tobacco Leaf Indonesia

Tobacco was introduced to the archipelago by European explorers on their expeditions. Today, Indonesia known for producing some of the finest tobacco in the world.

More than 100 varieties flourish in its rich volcanic soil, occupying over 250.000 of cultivated land primarily in Sumatera, Java, Bali and Lombok.

Regional differences in the aroma and nicotine content occur due to soil conditions, rainfall, altitude, climate and local fanning traditions, but the best tobacco is accepted to be that from the Temanggung region of Central Java.

Tobacco Plantation

The unique climate of this mountainous area is said to produce not only the most aromatic tobacco, but also tobacco with the highest nicotine levels in the world.

Although smoking activity seems to be really common, it is known to be very disadvantageous for our health.

So, here are some tobacco facts you must know, including the history, advantages, disadvantages, healing, and prevention.

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The History of Tobacco as Cigarettes

The tobacco history was started in South America starting from 4000 BC. At that time, inhaling the tobacco smoke and even chewing it were a part of their rituals.

After Columbus discovered the continent, European people came and brought the tobacco back to their countries.

Another report also shows that smoking habits are also done by Aborigine people. It is even stated that Europeans first learned about forming tobacco into cigarettes from this tribe.

This way, the sliced tobacco was inserted into a kind of pipe or a sheet of certain leaves.

The modern cigarettes were invented around 1830. It was first enjoyed by the armies on the battlefield.

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In the same year, the tobacco products that were covered by paper arrived in French. Well, the term of cigarette was first known from this country also.

However, the first cigarette-making machine was patented by Juan Nepomuceno Adorno from Mexico in 1847.

From the hands of those people, cigarettes and smoking were then popular all around the world. It is reasonable why smoking habit can be simply interested in by many people.

Despite the tobacco’s aroma that tends to have a unique smell, the smoke of tobacco is soothing and relaxing. The content gives addicting effects also.

Advantages of Smoking Tobacco

There is common knowledge that smoking activities are dangerous for health. That’s true for sure. The content of tobacco indeed has characteristics to damaging than giving benefits.

However, it doesn’t mean that this activity doesn’t have any benefit all. Although they are fewer and insignificant, here are some benefits of tobacco cigarettes and smoking.

First of all, smoking is proven to reduce the possibility of Parkinson’s disease. There is a temporary connection between smoking habit and the lower risk of the disease.

The research also shows that a smoker stop smoking, the protection toward Parkinson disease is continuously reduced.


Second, in some cases, smoking helps you to be healed from heart diseases. It is due to the smoke that avoids the blood vessel obstruction to the brain and heart.

The carbon monoxide blocks the blood clotting so that the heart problem can even be solved. But as additional information, it also depends on the general condition of your body.

In many other cases, smoking causes coronary heart and heart attack.

Third, the research shows also that smoking avoids asthma and allergies. Most of the people with smoking habits have a tendency not to suffer from asthma and allergies.

In other words, the risk is much lower. Moreover, the nicotine on tobacco can kill germs and bacteria that cause allergy and even TBC.

Disadvantages of Smoking

Before you are the smokers feel free to smoke after reading the explanation above, sure, you need to continue to this point.

Yes, aside from those benefits, the risks and disadvantages of smoking are true. Many research journals still show that people are still better to live without cigarettes.

Why? Here are the explanations.

The first and the main problem commonly suffered by smokers are regarding cardiovascular disorders. They are diseases in the heart area and around.

So, you should be simply influenced by the statement that smoking is good for your heart. Well, it is good in some cases but bad for many others. It is mainly due to the nicotine effects.

The substance tends to fasten the heartbeat, increase blood pressure, and more. Moreover, this effect can also be experienced by those who are not smoking but living around smokers.

Second, a smoking habit is one of the main reasons why people are suffering from a stroke. In the worst cases, it causes brain damage and even death.

Another problem in the brain caused by smoking is the brain aneurysm. In the disease, the brain vessel is swollen and can be easily blasted sometimes.

Third, it is about disorders of the lungs. As you know, smoking is basically an activity of inhaling the tobacco smoke which means that the smoke is reaching the lungs regularly.

The substances in the smoke tend to damage the cells of the lungs. Some problems can happen as the continuity including lung cancer, pneumonia, bronchitis, and more.

Fourth, do you know that smoking gives bad effects to your gastric also? One of nicotine side effects is weakening muscles that control the lower part of your digestive system.

The gastric acid may move in the wrong direction. It causes problems like ulcer and gastric cancer.

Fifth, the chemical substances contained in tobacco causes the problems of bones. One of them is osteoporosis. However, this disease is more often to be suffered by women than men. The lack of oxygen throughout the body also causes aging. Not only is it felt on your skin but also bones.

Sure, they are not the only side effects of smoking. Some men found themselves to have sex and reproduction problems.

Then, based on diagnosing, those problems are caused by their smoking habits. For women, nicotine causes problems not only in their fertility but also pregnancy.

Sadly, the smoking habit cannot be simply healed due to nicotine addiction.

How to Stop Smoking Addiction

Yes, it is difficult to stop smoking due to the addiction mentioned above. Is nicotine stimulant? That’s right. That’s why; you need to put too many efforts to stop smoking.

The most important thing about quitting smoking is actually your own intention. You need to keep in your mind that you need to live healthily for yourself and family.

Besides, avoiding places with many smokers is also considered effective to stop this bad habit.

Not to forget, try to apply a healthy lifestyle starting from now. Eating good foods and drinking more pure water are known to push your desire to smoke.

Sure, you need to throw the cigarettes and tobacco away from your house.


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