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To celebrate 90 years of expertise in the cigar industry, Toraño developed another incredible blend known as the Noventa. This cigar is the crowning achievement of the Toraño portfolio.

A Nicaraguan puro, Noventa is rolled with five-year-old tobacco and is an excellent choice for almost any occasion. The Carlos Torano Noventa cigars are not a new release from the Torano family. In fact, this stick was released in 2006 to celebrate 90 years in the business.

They seem to be making a comeback however. In addition to some of the new releases from the Torano family, many aficionados are also enjoying one of their older favorites, the Carlos Torano Noventa cigars.

Carlos Torano Noventa

The Torano family have grown tobacco in Cuba, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Mexico and Ecuador, and the family started their own label in the mid-90s. They already had years experienced of making private labels for other companies. They concentrate the business as a premium cigar maker, and produces complex blends of tobacco from different countries.

It all started in 1916 when Don Santiago Toraño immigrated to Cuba from Spain. He immediately started working with the tobacco leaf and became a broker for the prized crop.

His growing family all became involved with the tobacco and eventually became one of the most well known and respected growers of the Cuban tobacco leaf, owning over 17 farms.

One of Don Santiago’s sons, Carlos Toraño, took his knowledge and passion for the tobacco leaf to the Dominican Republic where he is credited as one of the driving forces of the country’s tobacco growing industry.

Making the shift into cigars about 25 years ago, the Toraño clan has been making premium cigars that are available throughout the world.

The Noventa was carefully crafted to celebrate the Torano family’s 90 years of tobacco growing and cigar-making. A Nicaraguan puro, the Noventa is expertly blended using a vintage mixture of premium, 5-year-old Nicaraguan long-leaf tobaccos from four growing regions, wrapped in a thick and oily Habano Nicaraguan leaf.

Aged further after rolling, the Noventa achieves a rich and robust experience that’s smooth and perfectly balanced. A luxurious medium-bodied super-premium from the Torano family.

  • Shapes: Robusto, Toro, Torpedo
  • Size: 6 ½ x 54
  • Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano, nice reddish brown color
  • Origin: Nicaragua
  • Binder: Nicaraguan Habano
  • Filler: Nicaraguan (Pueblo Nuevo, Jalapa, Condega and Esteli)
  • Price: $12.00/piece (before tax)

Cigar expert comment:
The medium- to full-bodied cigar comes in three shapes: Santiago (5 x 50), La Esperanza (6 x 52), and Latin (6-1/4 x 54). The names symbolize landmarks for the Toraño family: Santiago, the founding of the company; La Esperanza, the family’s principal tobacco farm in Cuba; and Latin, the current family-owned cigar business. Noventa is presented in cedar boxes of 25 cellophaned
cigars that are, according to Toraño, “stunningly beautiful.” – Stogie Review


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