Type of Cigarettes

Several Types of Cigarette Products

So far, smoking is the most common way where people indulge in tobacco and they become nicotine addiction.

However, there are other methods, such as chewing tobacco, electric cigarette and so on. it was estimated that there are around 1 billion people still smoke around the world.

There are different types of tobacco as well. this number is hard to asses properly since you have been seen a slight decline of the tobacco uses in the western countries, however, there is no data which can be used for the rest of the world.

Research on the past showed that almost 80 percents of smokers life in those parts and they mostly came from in lower or middle countries. You might already wonder about type of cigarettes.

Smoking tobacco products will bring you a higher health risk. Instead of nicotine is highly addictive, then smokers can inhale anywhere around 4800 to 7000 chemicals depending on what inside their cigarettes.

Those chemicals are the byproduct for more 600 different chemicals which been found in each cigarette and other tobacco products.

Smoke Tobacco Cause Several Cancers

As you already heard that nicotine is very addictive – when it absorbs into the body through smoking or other things could be devastating since its not the only chemical which is absorbed inside.

The fact, there are some researches shown that, while nicotine cause cancers – it is only one of the cancerogenic ingredients which been added into the cigarette.

Here Several Types of Tobacco Products

As mentioned before that there are various tobacco products and cigarettes are the most popular product. It does not mean that this is the only way to inhale tobacco.

There are some methods and this product come from the past when the cigarettes did not ready but they can survive and still have a larger base.


The cigarette is the tobacco roll. This name was reserved for almost all products which been rolled in the thought paper or anything which does not contain tobacco.

This is the most widespread for nicotine delivery. Cigarettes were dominant in most of the developed countries and give access to cigars and other tobacco products.

Anytime light on the cigarettes, then you will create the chemical reaction which known as combustion. This process will rearrange the chemicals inside the cigarette and producing the toxic gasses.

There are other type of cigarettes that you might already know as well.


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