Type of Clove Cigarettes Kretek

Type of Kretek

Some smokers love to smoke clove cigarette kretek because of its flavor. Due to its popularity, it is easy to find a variety of clove cigarettes in the market.

The information below explains the type of clove cigarette kretek that popular among smokers.

A beginner smoker thinks that there is only one type of clove kretek. Actually, there are several types of clove cigarettes.

Type of Kretek

  • Corn husk paper
  • Hand rolled
  • Machine rolled

At least, there are 3 major types of clove cigarettes you can find in the market so far.

  1. Corn husk paper clove cigarettes
    It is a traditional clove cigarette and one of the most popular cigarettes in Indonesia. The unique part of this cigarette is the material to cover the dried cloves.

    The dried tobacco and cloves are covered by a corn husk paper or known as “Klobot” in Indonesia. The paper is made by hand and it is used to make people can smoke the clove cigarette fast.

    Klobot Kretek Cigarettes
  2. Hand-Rolled Clove Kretek
    This clove cigarette kretek uses a paper to wrap the dried tobacco and cloves. 
This is also a unique cigarette in which the production is using a hand-rolling machine.

    This cigarette was produced for the first time in 1913. Another unique thing is that this is the only cigarette that doesn’t have any filter.

    Clove Cigarettes Worker
    image: Djarum
  3. Machine-Rolled Clove Cigarette
    The hand-rolled clove cigarette was popular until 1970 in which the government asked the manufacturers to develop the system.As a result, the manufacturers have to use a machine to produce clove cigarettes. 

This is the reason why it is called a machine-rolled clove cigarette.Officially, this type of clove cigarette was produced in 1974. 

Moreover, this cigarette also has filters and the design is similar to western cigarettes.

    Kretek Cigarettes
    image: Djarum

    Still, it has a strong character such as the blotchy stains on the wrapper because of the clove oil and it makes this cigarette different than the western cigarette.

    Due to the health issue, the machine-rolled cigarette kretek was developed into a machine-rolled mild cigarette kretek.

    The difference is that the machine-rolled mild cigarette kretek is made with a low level of tar and nicotine.


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