Type of Pipe

Types of Tobacco Pipes


Type of pipe is varied. The types of tobacco pipe can be divided based on the materials used, shapes, and styles.

There are probably thousands of distinctive shapes and styles of tobacco pipes. Here are the types of pipes based on shapes and designs.

Apple Pipes

Apple Pipe

Apple pipes are easily recognized because of their typical rounded bowl. This type of tobacco pipes has a somewhat ‘fat’ shape and design. Apple pipes are available with various variants.

Each variant has its own attractive characteristics. The typical shank of apple pipes is mostly the same length with the height of its bowl. It usually has a pointed stem.

Moreover, the stem mostly has a straight design, but it is also possible to have bent designs as well. The variants which are included in apple pipes are author pipes, prince pipes, squat tomatoes, egg pipes, hawkbill pipes, ball tomatoes, and diplomat pipes.


Billiard Pipes

Billiard Pipe
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It can be said that billiard pipes are the most popular and classic type of tobacco pipes. The variants of billiard pipes have a fine design. The bowl has a cylinder design which smoothly transitions to the shank.

Usually, the shank has the same length with the height of the bowl, just like apple pipes. So, billiard pipes and apple pipes can be an alternative to each other.

The variants of billiard pipes are chimney pipes, brandy pipes, pot pipes, oval pipes, panel pipes, nose warmer or stubby pipes, and Hungarian pipes. Billiard pipes can also have both straight design and bent design.

Calabash Pipes

Calabash Pipe

Calabash pipes are an iconic pipe. It is because this type of pipe is the one used by Sherlock Holmes. The name actually refers to the material used, but it is also considered as the shape as well.

It is because this type of pipe is made traditionally from dried calabash gourds. However, as briar woods are getting more popular, the use of dried calabash gourds is getting rare even though the shape is still maintained.

The design of calabash pipes is easy to recognize because of the big bowl. Moreover, the stem and shank of this pipe type have a typical curve.

The genuine version of calabash pipes maintains the natural shape of the gourd. The natural characteristics of the gourd offer you the smoothest and driest smoking experience.

There are still many other pipe types, such as Canadian pipes and Dublin pipes.

Which type of pipe are you interested to try?


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