Type of Smoking

Different Type of Smoking

There are some different types of smoking which do not eliminate the risks. This article shows you with type of smoking.

No matter what the type, it still represents one thing for sure, which is an addiction, early death, ailments and of course waste your money.

Hand-rolled, light, natural or even herbal cigarettes

The smokers once believed that light smoking with the low-tar ingredient has lower risks. However, there are so many studies that the risk of serious health issues was not lower compared to smokers with light or low-tar ingredients.

So, FDA has banned the terms of mild, light and low in any cigarette product. Hand-Rolled cigarettes were no safer rather than commercial brands. In fact, hand-rolled smokers also have a higher risk of cancers, mouth, pharynx, esophagus when compared to smokers with machine-made products.

Even the herbal cigarettes with no tobacco which released tar, particulates, and carbon monoxide are also dangerous for your health.

Menthol cigarette

You should know that mental cigarette is no safer rather than unflavored products. Even, they are more dangerous. Menthol cigarette products are easier to smoke – then the menthol ingredient will produce the cool sensation in larynx when it was inhaled.

This type of smoking reduces the cough reflex and hide the dry feeling in the larynx when the smokers often had.

Those who some menthol cigarettes might inhale deeper and hold it longer as well. The specific dangers of the menthol cigarettes based on the researches that they are at least as harmful as the unflavored cigarettes.


There are many people considered that cigar was more sophisticated and does not cause any side effect. However, a big cigar contains the tobacco as same as the entire pack of the cigarette. You should know that most of the cigars were made from the single type of aged, dried or even air-cured tobacco which was fermented in the several processes.

The fermentation causes you with bacterial and chemical reactions which can change the tobacco. It will give your cigars with the different taste and sense compared to cigarettes.

Cigars are available in different sizes, the smallest was known as the small cigars in the size of cigarettes.

Clove cigarettes

They are also known as kreteks as the tobacco with the same health risks as your cigarettes.

Kreteks were imported from Indonesia and contain ground cloves, tobacco, clove oil, and other additive ingredients.

So, each type of smoking has the same health risks.


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