Types of Cigarettes that You Might Try in Indonesia

Are you interested in cigarettes that sold in Indonesia? Just in case, one day you visit Indonesia, we have summarized information about the types of cigarettes in that country.

Curious? Check out the following review.

Rokok Indonesia

Indonesia is indeed famous for its cigarette products. This is also based on the availability of cigarette raw materials as well as consumers who are always buying the cigarettes.

This makes the cigarette manufacturers innovate many variations of cigarettes to meet market tastes.

If you go to Indonesia, you will see how smokers are divided into two types. The first are people who smoke liquid cigarettes. The second is people who smoke conventional cigarettes.

Perempuan Merokok

However, this is only a large category. For each category, there are more types of other preferences.

  1. Kretek Cigarettes (clove cigarettes)
  2. White Cigarettes (cigarettes)
  3. Chopped Tobacco
  4. Rhubarb and Frankincense Cigarettes
  5. Leaves Cigarettes
  6. Cigars
  7. Liquid Cigarettes
  8. Chewing Tobacco


Kretek Cigarettes
Clove (kretek) cigarettes are part of Indonesian culture. This culture has become ingrained and included in Indonesia’s history. This cigarette consists of a mixture of tobacco and dry cloves.

The name kretek itself is taken from the sound of tobacco burning. Formerly, this type of cigarette used dry corn husk to wrap tobacco until the sound was clearer. However, over time the use of corn husk was changed to paper.

The process of making kretek is divided into two, namely manually and using machines. The manual method is using hands to make cigarettes, starting from the process of rolling, packaging, to sticking the excise tape.

Meanwhile, cigarettes made with a machine are produced by inserting cigarette materials into the machine.

Machine cigarettes will be further divided into two categories, Full Flavor and Light Mild. Not only that, but some clove cigarettes also use filters and some don’t.

White Cigarettes
This cigarette is different from kretek cigarettes because it does not use cloves and other typical Indonesian spices. These cigarettes are like most cigarettes that you might find in other countries.

These cigarettes are usually mixed with the aroma of menthol to increase the delicious taste. This white cigarette has two types of processing, the first processed by hand and the second by machine. These cigarettes, in both types of processing, both have filters at the end of the cigarette.

Chopped Tobacco
This type of cigarette is made for people who like crafting and do-it-by-yourself. Why is that? Because this product is indeed sold only dried and chopped tobacco.

Some factories are buying this type of tobacco to be processed again by them. Yet this tobacco can be purchased by individuals in the traditional markets.

If you are interested in rolling your own cigarettes by yourself, this type of tobacco is suitable for you.

Rokok Sintren

Rhubarb and Frankincense Cigarettes
This type of cigarette is included in traditional cigarettes. Besides tobacco, this cigarette also consists of rhubarb root and frankincense powder.

All the concoctions were rolled as cigarette sticks with special paper or put into pipes. This price is cheaper than other cigarettes, and these cigarettes are targeted at lower-class smokers.

Leaves Cigarettes
This cigarette uses leaves as a tobacco cigarette wrapper. Some of the leaves used as wrappers in Indonesia are corn leaves (klobot), Nipah leaves, and palm leaves (kawung).

Cigarette producers that produce cigarettes with leaf wrappers are usually home factories. And of course, these cigarettes are made by hand.

As in other countries, Indonesia also has a type of cigar cigarette. This cigarette uses sheets of dried leaves that are rolled using tobacco leaves with a different processing method. The inner roll has previously been fermented longer than the wrapper to produce a strong taste and aroma.

Cigars are more widely known as tobacco products from Latin America, especially Cuba. Its circulation in Indonesia was popularized when the Dutch East Indies government colonized Indonesia.

Liquid Cigarettes
This type of cigarettes is made by processed tobacco into liquid. This tobacco liquid is usually smoked by using electric cigarette or vape. As for Arabic cigarettes (shisha), tobacco liquid will be mixed with other liquid substances, such as fruit extracts.

Chewing Tobacco
There is also chewing tobacco which has been known in Indonesia since a long time ago. Chewing tobacco is sold in the form of long strands of tobacco leaves or the smallest form.

This type of cigarette is usually consumed by putting a piece of tobacco in the side of the mouth which is then chewed with teeth. In Central Java, the process of chewing tobacco is referred to nginang. Typically, a reddish-brown color will stick to your teeth after you chew this tobacco.

Thus the types of cigarettes in Indonesia. Hopefully, the information in this article is useful. Please visit for other interesting articles about cigarettes!


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