Types of Clove Cigarettes

Sometimes as smokers we only enjoy the cigarettes, accompanied by a cup of coffee or after eating for a moment to eliminate any sour taste in the mouth.

But actually there are terms and types of clove cigarettes (kretek) that we do not know especially as active smokers.

This article will review about the terms and types of clove cigarettes found in the Indonesian cigarette market and also the most commonly found ones.

Type Of Clove Kretek

You might be wondering about the abbreviation of SKM or SKT found on the pack of cigarettes that you buy.

On this occasion we will analyze and discuss it, like the term Full Flavor and LTLN which includes the type of clove.

Maybe you just know that clove cigarettes are non-filtered cigarettes. This knowledge is rarely known by ordinary people and especially smokers in the country. It is also possible that you don’t know what kind of cigarettes you are enjoying now.

Therefore, please refer to this article to add your insight about clove cigarettes.

Rokok Kretek

Terms and Types of Clove Cigarettes

Indonesia is the home of famous clove cigarettes even in foreign countries. Indonesia’s fertile land produces the best tobacco in the world with large clove cigarette producers like PT. HM Sampoerna, PT. Gudang Garam and PT. Djarum.

However, most people or smokers in Indonesia in general know little about the terms and types of clove cigarettes circulating in the country.

Many assume that clove is unfiltered cigarettes while filtered cigarettes are not clove.

The following is the explanation:

Type Of Clove Cigarette


Basically the majority of cigarettes marketed and consumed by smokers in the country is a clove cigarette with or without a filter.

Simply put, different types of cigarettes from filter cigarettes are cigarettes that do not contain a combination of tobacco and cloves, while clove cigarettes contain tobacco and clove concoctions.

Clove is divided into several types which are often listed on each pack of cigarettes. You might often see the writing of SKM or SKT on the cigarette pack that you buy but you do not know the meaning or its abbreviation.

Types of Clove Cigarettes (by terms)

The following is an explanation of the types of clove cigarettes along with the terms:

  1. Hand Rolled Clove Cigarette
  2. Hand Rolled Filtered Clove Cigarette
  3. Machine Rolled Clove Cigarette
    1. Full Flavored Machine Rolled Clove Cigarette (FF)
    2. Low Tar Low Nicotine Machine Rolled Clove Cigarette (LTLN)

Clove Cigarettes Worker

Hand Rolled Clove Cigarette (Sigaret Kretek Tangan (SKT))

Hand rolled clove cigarettes are a type of cigarette that are often known by most people as clove cigarettes.

To be more exact, hand-made clove is produced by hand-crafted craftsmen manually with a roller.

Besides being unfiltered, hand-rolled clove has a cone shape. The label or term given to hand clove cigarettes is SKT, i.e. clove cigarettes (kretek).

This label is often included on each pack of produced clove cigarettes. Here are some well-known hand clove cigarettes brands in Indonesia:

  1. Dji Sam Soe
  2. Djarum Coklat
  3. Sampoerna Kretek
  4. Apache
  5. Wismilak Hijau

Kretek Workers

Hand Rolled Filtered Clove Cigarette (Sigaret Kretek Tangan Filter (SKTF))

Hand rolled clove cigarette filter is a clove cigarette which has a cylindrical shape, different with hand clove cigarettes and has a filter on the back.

The manufacturing process is similar, made manually with a traditional mill tool only with filter addition.

The term stated is SKTF, which stands for Hand Clove Cigarette Filter (Sigaret Kretek Tangan Filter).

This type of clove is very rarely found in minimarket because many of this type are produced by small-scale home industry, in contrast with the large-scale cigarette industry manufacturer,

Machine Rolled Clove Cigarette

Machine Rolled Clove Cigarette (Sigaret Kretek Mesin (SKM))

The last type and the most commonly consumed by inland smokers is the clove cigarette machine.

Clove machines are cigarettes that are cylindrical in shape and manufactured by using a machine. In general, all types of machine-made clove cigarettes are included with filter.

Clove cigarettes are an innovation in the history of the development of clove cigarettes in the country.

Since long time ago, smokers in the country consume hand-rolled clove products, until finally market demand began to soar and large cigarette producers use a machine to produce their cigarettes.

Clove engine is shortened to SKM (Sigaret Kretek Mesin) and generally stated on the cigarette pack which is an extension from Clove Cigarette Machine.

This type of clove is divided into two types, namely Full Flavored Machine Rolled Clove Cigarette and Low Tar Low Nicotine Machines Rolled Clove Cigarette.

Djarum Super Pack

Full Flavored Machine Rolled Clove Cigarette (FF)

Full flavor machine rolled clove cigarette is clove cigarette machine with the addition of flavor aroma which is distinctive and has a heavier character with tar and nicotine contents greater than LTLN clove cigarettes.

Here are several brands of famous full flavor machine rolled clove cigarette on the market:

  1. Djarum Super
  2. Gudang Garam International
  3. Dji Sam Soe Magnum Filter
  4. etc.

Sampoerna A Mild 01

Low Tar Low Nicotine Machine Rolled Clove Cigarette (LTLN)

This type of low tar low nicotine machine rolled clove cigarette (LTLN) is better known to the public as mild cigarettes.

Corresponding with the term given, this type of machine-made clove has tar and nicotine levels lower than the full flavor Machine clove.

The level of tar and nicotine in clove machine LTLN is only tens of Mg of tar and the nicotine ranges between 1-2 Mg.

The following are examples of well-known brands in the low tar low nicotine machine rolled clove cigarette (SKM LTLN):

  1. Sampoerna A Mild
  2. Mild Class
  3. LA Lights
  4. etc.

Above are the terms and types of clove cigarettes that not many people know. Sometimes we only know that clove cigarettes are non-filtered cigarettes but in reality all the famous cigarettes on the market is a filtered cigarette.

Hopefully it can become new knowledge for you, smokers!


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