Types of Pipe Lighter

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There are many types of pipe lighter. Lighters are an influencing thing for humans’ daily life. It can be said that lighters are the most magical and influencing invention in human civilization besides wheels.

For smokers, lighters are surely an important thing to bring. Without a lighter, they will not be able to smoke. Here are the types of tobacco pipe lighters that you might want to know.

Pipe Lighter

Type of Pipe Lighter

Wooden Lighters

This type of lighter is a piece of wood which its tip is covered with phosphorus that can produce flame through friction. A wooden lighter was found by a British chemist named John Walker in 1827. The first invention was performed in the 1680s with a mixture of sulfur phosphorus by Robert Boyle.

But the result was not that satisfying so that John Walker was perfecting it until the lighter could produce flames by getting scratched through rough surfaces. The price of a wooden light is very affordable.

Gas Lighters

The next is the gas lighters. This type of lighter uses liquids such as butane or naphtha. In order to be able to produce and ignite sparks, a flint is rubbed on a very rough surface, so these sparks ignite liquids or gases so that they burn.

You can adjust how big the flame is if you use this gas lighter. Nowadays, a gas lighter is more popular than a wooden lighter. It is because this lighter is easy and simple to use. Gas lighters come with a lot of variants.

There are colored ones and even the patterned ones. Some smokers love to collect various gas lighters from all over the world. Just like the wooden lighter price, gas lighters are also affordable.

Zippo Lighter

Zippo was found by George Blaissdell, a person who really commits to producing lighters with the best quality. Zippo lighter is famous in many countries. It has a good reputation for a windproof lighter.

Smokers, including pipe smokers, usually know what Zippo lighter is. It is one of the legendary lighters. The design is unique and cool.

Moreover, this lighter is also quite classy. Some smokers think that having a Zippo lighter can increase their prestige. For the price, you can check it by yourself because the price might be different in one country and another.

Each lighter has its own pros and cons, you can choose the one that meets your needs. Those are the types of pipe lighter.

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