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Uwell Caliburn Pod Review

In the Vaping world, compared to the Mod system, a Pod system cannot produce as much steam as a Mod system.

This is reasonable, considering the size of the coil and cotton that is in the cartridge Pod is usually small. This is of course also affected by the amount of wattage released from the Pod system.

However, usually, the Pod system is superior in terms of taste. Most people who use the pod system, in addition to their small size and concise, are nothing but targeting the taste and high levels of nicotine.

There are many pods that you can buy in the market, but here is the review of Uwell Caliburn.

Uwell Caliburn Specifications

Uwell Caliburn Specifications

Before you continue reading further reviews about the Uwell Caliburn, it is a good idea to look at the specifications below:

Dimension110 x 21.2 x 11.6 mmAluminum Alloy Body

Cartridge capacity: 2 ml
Maximum wattage: 11W
Coil resistance: 1.4 ohms
Port type: micro USB
Battery capacity: 520 mAh
Features: LED indicator lights, hybrid auto-draw, and firing button, locking.

Uwell Caliburn Specs

Simple Design 

Just like the Pod system in general, Uwell Caliburn comes with small dimensions, but long. Elongated shape like a pen with several accent lines that adorn the body.

The dimensions of the body itself, according to information, ranging from 110 x 21.2 x 11.6 mm. The design displayed at Caliburn itself is not exactly wow and unique.

Elongated designs like this are undeniably already made by a number of other pod producers. What distinguishes it might be just a line accent.

Uwell Caliburn itself has several color variants, including red, pink, iris purple, blue, black, and gray. Incidentally, the unit that we reviewed has a metallic gray color with a slight touch of black on the button and on the cartridge.


If we may suggest, if you are interested in buying Uwell Caliburn, you might be able to choose the iris purple.

We think purple iris is the coolest color variant of the other colors. However, this is back to your taste.

From our judgment, this Caliburn design is normal.It’s just that, because of its slim body and lightweight, despite using aluminum alloy material, this makes its own added value.

Uwell Caliburn

While sucking, you can also play it like playing a pen while accompanying you in your free time.There are no other intakes in the body besides the button and battery indicator lights.

The light will emit three colors according to the condition of the battery. If it’s green, that means the battery is in the top 60 percent, blue between 30 percent to 60 percent, and red means 30 percent.



The cartridge itself is the most important component of a pod system, in addition to the body itself. The Uwell Caliburn cartridge has a small storage capacity, which is only 2 ml with a 1.4-ohm coil.

The cartridge has a magnet that will stick directly when you insert it into the body.Even though it feels attached, you have to keep pressing the cartridge until it feels clicked.

From our experience, we were confused because the pod cannot be used. Until we found the cause that the cartridge had to be really pressed deep inside.

Opening it also requires extra power.The cartridge itself is made of plastic material. To fill the liquid, you must open the cartridge cover on top.

Just like removing a cartridge from the body, opening the cartridge cover also requires more power in the beginning.



Uwell Caliburn is a pod with two firing mechanisms. You can directly suck it (auto-draw) or can by pressing the firing button. You can even combine auto-draw with the firing button.

Then what’s the difference? Yes, from our experience, operating Caliburn with a combination of suction and buttons feels more powerful. It’s different from when we suck it without pressing the firing button.

For its own strength, Caliburn has a maximum wattage of up to 11W. Even though on paper the wattage used in Caliburn is smaller than Suorin Air (16W), but somehow Caliburn is able to provide sufficient energy when sucking.

In fact, now, what’s interesting about Caliburn is that it is able to provide a layer of very delicious flavors. No throat hit is produced, instead, there is a sweet taste that is felt from liquid, especially if you use liquid with high VG content.

In testing, we used liquid salt-nic MILD strawberry cheesecake from Juice Nation.

Uwell Caliburn Conclusion

To be able to buy Uwell Caliburn, you have to spend from $19 upwards. For the price offered, Caliburn has a competitive price with other pods in its class.

Not exactly cheap, but also not exactly expensive.However, with the price offered we feel that Caliburn is one pod system that is worth it being bought.

Putting aside the design matters, because it goes back to each other’s tastes, but what is clear is Uwell Caliburn is a pod that is able to produce the most delicious taste of the pod system that we have tried so far.


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