Vape Trick: Tornado Tutorial

Tornado. The name sounds awesome and scary. You might think that it is a complex trick. However, it is not that tricky.

More importantly, after you have mastered this trick, prepare for the impressed look from people around you when they see the mini tornado you make using the vapor you exhale.

This trick requires you to create a pool of vapor that later forms a tornado. This trick works better using pen or mod which produces thick or still vapor. Without further ado, here’s the steps of tornado vape trick.

First, slowly and carefully exhale a thick vapor. Keep in mind to exhale in a flat surface. This is very important otherwise the trick won’t work.

Then using your hand, chop the surface and flick your wrist up and raise your arm in the same time.

Voila. You just made a tornado using your own vapor.

Please note that this trick might need several tries before you are able to do it.


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