Vapor vs Smoke

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Smoke and vapor are two different things. Smoke is produced when you are lighting up a cigarette whereas if you vaping, vapor will come out instead.

Although they look the same, in essence they are different. This article will explain the difference between vapor and smoke.



Have you noticed that the smell of smoke is so strong your room will reek if you smoke inside your room?

Smoke produced by cigarette will create a smell that lingers so it is easy to detect whether a person has been smoking or not.

In contrast, although vapour clouds look a lot denser and visible for quite a period of time, the smell disappear quickly and it smells more pleasant, too.

Cigarette Composition


The composition in cigarette and vape, which are tobacco and e-liquid, also differs greatly. E-liquid comprises of vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, nicotine, and food grade flavorings.

Meanwhile, tobacco consists of thousands of chemicals and many have not been identified.

Additionally, 70 chemicals in tobacco have been categorized as carcinogens. It is clear which one is healthier than the other.

The only similarity of tobacco and e-liquid is the nicotine.



Smoking will leave a residue which is, frankly, very annoying. Smoke from cigarette will certainly stain your fabrics, wall, even your teeth!

This happens because in cigarette, there is a tar which is infamous for causing sickness for smokers and leave stain for everything it comes in contact.


In contrast, vapour will only create a thin blurry coating when touching glass surfaces. Moreover, it is really easy to remove and will not create another house chore for you a.k.a cleaning up your furniture.


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