Villiger Cigar Adds Toro Size to La Flor de Ynclan

Villiger Cigars has announced plans to add a toro vitola to its La Flor de Ynclan line. When Villiger cigar launch its La Flor de Ynclan brand in 2017, it came in three classic sizes, but was missing a very popular format: the toro. Now, it has one.

The new Toro measures 6 inches long by 52 ring gauge, comes packaged in 10-count boxes and is made at the ABAM Cigars factory in Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic.

Villiger Cigar La Flor De Ynclan

Villiger Cigar La Flor de Ynclan

Like the other lines, the Toro blended with Nicaragua and Dominican Republic tobacco leaves for filler, Indonesian finest tobacco leaves binder, and Ecuadorian wrapper.

According Villiger cigar, the blend is better, and the toro vitola will be an upgrade to the robust vitola.

The La Flor de Ynclan line debuted at the 2017 IPCPR Convention and Trade Show and was released in three sizes,

  • Robusto (5” x 50),
  • Torpedo (6” x 52) and
  • Churchill (7” x 48),

with a 6¾” x 43 vitola that the company called a lancero added in the summer of 2018.

The origins of this brand trace back to Cuba. In the 1960s, Villiger cigar acquired the trademark, but it wouldn’t be until 2007 when Villiger cigar would release its version of La Flor de Ynclan.

After it was released, Villiger Chairman Heinrich Villiger was not satisfied with the blend and the decision was made to remove it from the market.

Mr. Villiger worked with master blender Jose Martias Maragoto at the ABAM Cigar to tweak the blend and bring it back to market in 2017.

With the Toro, Mr. Villiger and Margoto once again have collaborated to tweak and improve the blend to work with a 6” x 52 Toro. La Flor de Ynclan Toro is available in ten-count boxes.

Last year Villiger introduced the La Flor de Ynchan Lancero Esecial.  The cigar has named by Prime Time co-host Aaron Loomis on Developing Palates as 2018 Cigar of the Year.

The La Flor de Ynclan also gained a high score from Cigar Aficionado Magazine, Tobacco Business Magazine, etc.

Villiger Cigar La Flor de Ynclan


  • Brand: Villiger
  • Vitola: La Flor de Ynclan
  • Size: 6” x 52 Toro, 5”x 50 Robusto, 6”x 52 Torpedo, and 7”x 48 Churchill
  • Special Limited Edition: Lanchero Especial 6¾” x 43
  • Filler: Nicaragua, Dominica long-leaf tobacco
  • Binder: Finest Indonesian tobacco leaf.
  • Wrapper: Ecuadorian leaf
  • Country of Origin: Dominican Republic
  • Blender: Jose Matias Maragoto
  • Factory: ABAM Cigar
  • Packaging: Wooden box of 10 cigars

About the Villiger La Flor de Ynclan 

Diligently crafted by Heinrich Villiger and master blender Jose Matias Maragoto of ABAM Cigar Factory in the Dominican Republic, the Villiger La Flor de Ynclan was a cigar 10 years in the making.

Villiger Cigar produced a small batch of La Flor De Ynclan over a decade ago. Unsatisfied with the result; the decision was made to cease production.

The tobacco was set aside and aged, while Matias meticulously tweaked the amount of the Indonesian, Dominican, and Nicaraguan tobacco within its Ecuadorian wrapper. Present day, the La Flor De Ynclan is what both imagined it could be.

The result was a smashing success as it received numerous accolades after its re-launch in 2017. The highlight being a 93 rating and being named the 2017 number 10 cigar in world by Cigar Aficionado Magazine.

Villiger Sons Limited and Villiger North America

Villiger Sons Limited was established in 1888 by Jean Villiger in the small town of Pfeffikon, Switzerland, where Villiger remains headquartered to this day.

The company manufactures and sells more than 1.5 billion cigars annually, world-wide. Today, under the leadership of Heinrich Villiger, the company prides itself in its commitment to quality, in all their products made in many countries around the globe.

Photo Credit: Villiger Cigars


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