Vitalic – Sweet Cigarette

Smoking, indeed, gives us pleasure that can’t be compared to any else. Well it is heaven for us for knowing cigarette, right? Speaking of pleasure, the video that I fetched above is from a french techno artist whose stage name is Vitalic. Vitalic expressed his joy and satisfaction of smoking through his song “Sweet Cigarettes”. 

The video clip is a bit creepy in my opinion, but I can feel the emotion inside. I can feel how Vitalic enjoys every cigarette smoke that he inhale. So after watching the video, what do you think?

Here also the lyric of the song for you to sing along or even to figure out the hidden meaning of the song.

Vitalic – Sweet Cigarettes


Pull you outWith my fingertipsTake you justBetween my lipsLight you upYou start to glowSmoking hotI can’t say noSweet cigarettesSweet cigarettesSweet cigarettesSweet cigarettesI suck you inI blow you outTo my burning loveI am devoteThe rush of NicotineLike Liquid velveteenI’m always in the moodFor a long slim and smoothSweet cigarettesSweet cigarettesSweet cigarettesSweet cigarettesJust one puffis never enoughBring you to my lipsWatch the small eclipseSuck it inAnd blow it outWatch it burnAnd stubt it out


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