W.Ø. Larsen Leading Pipe Brand of Danish Pipe.

If talking about Scandinavian or especially Danish tobacco pipes, it seems to be talking about the famous pipe maker W.Ø.Larsen.

Most of Denmark pipe carver and artisans have an experienced working at W.Ø.Larsen workshop and factory.

W.Ø.Larsen was tobacconist in Copenhagen, Denmark that starting the business of tobacco and its accessories since 1864.

His store located on the famous walking street in Copenhagen, Stroget, and become more famous because of W.Ø.Larsen store that become known worldwide because of their pipe tobacco blends.

Even the store no longer open, the name of W.Ø.Larsen is still alive through their products of the popular line of pipe tobaccos, and also the pipes.

In the modern era of 1960s, many famous name of pipe carvers and artisans like Sixten Ivarsson, Sven Knudsen, Poul Rasmussen or Brakner, has been working at W.Ø.Larsen pipe workshop or factory.  W.Ø.Larsen becomes a top trademark for Danish tobacco blends, and pipes.

The pipes that famous as distinctive Danish styles designed and manufactured by STANWELL.  Annually W.Ø.Larsen gained a Pipe of the Year prize.

Starting of W.Ø.Larsen Tobacco Pipe

Tobacco pipe made by W.Ø.Larsen because of many of store customer asking about the tobacco pipe.

The store manager Sved Bang (later on became famous with his own pipe brand S. Bang) urged that is better if the store also selling tobacco pipe produced by they own.

The owner of W.Ø.Larsen, Øle Larsen agrees with Bang and decided to begin making pipes in the basement of the store.


To begin producing the pipe, Øle hired pipe maker Sven Knudsen, later on Knudsen passed the job to his protégé Hans “Former” Nielsen.

The fortunes rose along with the rest of the Danish pipe business, and former responsible managing a group of pipe carvers in the old Larsen cigar factory.

Among the carvers they are Teddy Knudsen, Tonni Nielsen, Jess Chonowitsch, Peter Hedegaard, Else Larsen (Denmark’s first female pipe-maker), Poul Ilsted, Ph. Vigen, and some others.

They are responsible for selected and straight grain series before they branched out on their own.

Former leaving Larsen and move to Switzerland working to start Bentley pipes. His position taken over by Soren Refbjerg Rasmussen, and the straight grains were made by Benni Jorgenson who is learning carving a pipe from Teddy Knudsen.

Because the health condition of Øle, the reins were taken over by his son Nils Larsen.

Under Nils, W.Ø. Larsen starting to enter the low-end market, to do this W.Ø. Larsen acquits the Georg Jensen pipe factory to make an array of less expensive pipes.

This turned out to be a fatal error, and Larsen was sold to Stanwell, who continue to produce so-called “Larsen” pipes in their factory.

W.Ø. Larsen Tobacco Pipe Style

Most of the W.Ø. Larsen pipe is semi-classic shapes, it is means classic shapes, but slightly different, often a little more full or round.

The pipes often have lower gravity. Typically billard that the bowl shaped more like a pear fruit and the connection between the bowl and the shank would be clearly distinguished. Most of the pipe finished with a yellow and orange color.

Until today tobacco pipe from W.Ø. Larsen still popular and looking by pipe smoker, both for daily used or for collection.  The pipes also available in the online store…..

Pics: Stanwell, etc.


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