What Is Bidis

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What is Bidis? Bidis are not new things around the block. These are small handmade cigarettes made of tobacco.

The whole things are wrapped nicely by temburni or tendu leaf. The leaf is native to Asia and also called diospyros melanoxylon.

Tendu Leaf
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Bidis are manufactured mainly in India along with some other countries in Southeast Asia. The product itself has been distributed to at least 100 counties around the world.

When it comes to “what is bidis”, the item is much cheaper than other commercial cigarettes. This also makes bidis heavily consumed by the locals.

Many people also assume that since bidis are much cheaper, the danger level is lower as well.

However, this is such a dangerous misconception. More than anything, exotic smoking has commonly been introduced and promoted as a safe method to replace tobacco products.

Here are several types of things used for smoking.

What Is Bidis History

Smoking Bidis

The tobacco cultivation in India has been established since the late 17th century. Bidis were initially created when the workers took the leftover tobacco and made it by their hand in leaf.

During the 1930s, the business grew rapidly due to the tobacco cultivation expansion.

When the 20th century was started, the manufacture of bidis had changed into a very competitive industry.

Commercial productions were made and many brands showed up. Bidis rollers were hired and most of them were men after all.

Bidis Worker

However, the regulation in the 50’s made the production declined in a huge number. The business became a cottage industry and the workforce became the home-based one while women were the main players in the bidis rolling. Men still work in the industry but for other positions.

Until today, there are at least 8 million people in India employed to produce bidis. Since bidis have become a cottage industry, people do it at home.

For one day, they can make up to 1,000 pieces of bidis. Other than India, Bangladesh is another place where bidis are made.

Making Bidis

As we have mentioned earlier, bidis use tendu leaves to wrap the tobacco flakes. Tendu leaves or Diospyros melanoxylon are excellent wrappers.

Bidis got the recognition due to the leaf for sure. The number of tendu leaves are in abundance.

After the leaves are collected in the summer, they are dried for six days before can be used for wrapping paper.

Making Bidis
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What Is Bidis? Beedi? Bidi?

As we have mentioned earlier, Bidis are imported from India and unfiltered and flavored. Bidis might contain less tobacco than regular cigarettes. However, it gives a higher level of nicotine compared to cigarettes in general.

Its small size might make the users need at least 3 puffs per cigarette and the puff should be deeper since the size is also longer.

Bidis Packs
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No matter what people say about the bad side of bidis and “what is bidis”, it is important if we acknowledge that this industry has given sources of life to many people in India and other countries that produce bidis. And this is anything you need to know about bidis.


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