What is Box Mod ? A Guide for Dummies

Box mod kits are the advanced version of vape. Although its size is not as small as e-cigarettes or vape pods due to an external vape battery, it also means that it accommodates better performance and longer battery.

The features in box mode kits also usually includes temperature controland variable wattage.Box mod kits are created for vapers who wants better experience of vaping. It is not as easy and small as other vape devices such as vape pens or e-cigarette.

However, the experience of vaping using box mod kits, added with several unique features such as temperature control and variable wattage, is surely unlike any other.

Choosing box mod kits mean that you are open to a lot more advantages compared to older version of vape.

It has many options for smokers too choose from, more satisfying performance compared to other vape devices, long battery life, and can be used with other tanks.


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