What Is Cigarettes

Health Effects when Smoking Cigarettes

Smoking cigarettes bring harm to each organ inside your body causes so many health diseases and decrease your health gradually.

Stopping smoke cigarette will reduce the riks of smoking-related illness and it might add years to your life as well.

So, what is cigarettes?

Gives you with so many information. What is in the cigarette? There are around 600 ingredients inside your cigarette.

When it burns, then cigarette produces more than 7000 chemicals. At least there are around 69 of these chemicals were known can cause cancer and others cause toxic.

There are so many of these chemicals can be found in the customer products such as the ran poison.

While the public always warns s about the danger of the poisons in these products, but there is no much warning for toxins inside your tobacco smoke.

Some health risks of passive smoking the secondhand smoke might come from the tip of cigarette and smoke come from the breaths out of smokers inhaling in secondhand smoke was also known as the passive smoking which increases your risk in order to get same health conditions as smokers as well.

For example, if you never smoke before but you have a spouse who is smoking tobacco, then your risk of having lung cancer also increase as well. Babies and children are easy to prone to the effects of the secondhand smoke.

A child who exposed with the passive smoke will get a higher risk of developing chest infections, a persistent cough, meningitis – if they have asthma, then they will get worse symptoms.

Cardiovascular disease

The smokers were at great risk for the diseases which affect the blood vessels and heart. Smoking can cause stroke and the coronary heart disease which also become the main cause of death in the US.

Even smoking less than five cigarettes daily can get the early symptoms of cardiovascular diseases. It can destroy the blood vessels and make it thicker and grow narrower.

Thus, it makes your heart will beat faster and higher blood pressure. Even, the clots can be formed as well.

A stroke occurs when the clot blocks your bloodstream to the brain part, then the blood vessel around the brain will bursts.

Respiratory disease

Tobacco cigarette’s smoke is a cause for lung disease as it is damaging the airways and also lungs’ small air sacs. T

he lung diseases triggered by smoking are including chronic bronchitis and emphysema. Here a brief information related to what is cigarettes.


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Cigarette Effects