What is E-Cigarette?

A Guide for Dummies

What is e-cigarette? E-cigarette might sounds unfamiliar for the fans of classic cigarette smoker because it is one of the types of modern cigarettes.

Unlike other types of modern cigarettes, e-cigarette is easier, more portable, and simpler cigarettes.

E-cigarette comes in one or two pieces designs, with the one piece design is usually disposable.

E-cigarette is made of 5 main parts. They are mouthpiece, atomizer, LED light, battery and cartomizer.

While it is simple, it doesn’t mean that e-cigarette is far behind other modern cigarettes in performance.

First, e-cigarette is a piece of cake to use, meaning that for people who are relatively new in the world of modern smoking, smoking e-cigarette is highly recommended cause it is really simple to use.

Second, it is affordable. The one piece design, the disposable e-cigarette, only costs around $1-$15 while the recycle one is only $25-$150.

What Is E Cigarette

Furthermore, e-cigarette doesn’t need any other tool which means no more expense for smoking. Great news for your wallet!

Third, it is discreet. If you want to smoke but you don’t want to attract any attention that might have disturbed your alone time, you should look for e-cigarette because the smoke rate of e-cigarette is not as much as vaping.

All in all, e-cigarette is the perfect choice for smokers who want to try more modern method of smoking.


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