What Is Hookah?

What Is Hookah? History And Popularity of Hookah

Hookah has been widely known to the wider community throughout the world from the young to the old, the lower to the upper classes. Not infrequently some women also take part in using hookah.

Hookah is often used as the main companion when hanging out in a cafe both with family and friends. The question that arises, what is hookah?

What is Hookah?

Hookah is a style of smoking tobacco typical of the Middle East that has become a trend among the world community.

Hookah Water Pipe
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How to smoke hookah is different from how to smoke tobacco cigarettes in general. The hookah has a tool in the form of a tube which will then be filled with water in the vase section.

In the tube, tobacco will then be heated using charcoal that has been shaped like coals. Tobacco used contains a variety of fruit flavors that will provide a fresh aroma of fruit for those who suck it.

Hookah Smoking

The use of hookah is often associated as one way to avoid smoking. Though many people do not know the extent of the dangerous level of cigarettes rather than hookah.

Some people think that hookah was first discovered in an Arab country and it turned out that the assumption was wrong.

What is Hookah History?

Hookah (in Hindi) was first discovered in the 16th century in India. There are actually two theories about the invention of hookah, the first of which was discovered in India at the Mughal Akbar Emperor’s Palace (1542-1605) after the introduction of tobacco by the Europeans to India.

Judge Abu’l-Fath Gilani, a Persian doctor who came from Baghdad to India, who later was a doctor of the Mughal palace, told him about the concerns of tobacco smoking that occurred among Indian palaces and nobles.

Hookah History
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It was thought by Gilani to make a method of smoking that allows smoke to pass through water so it can be cleansed.

The second opinion came from the Persian Safawa Dynasty, which then spread the East to the subcontinent, namely India at that time.

In the Middle East, hookah use is allowed as a substitute for cigarettes. The allowance of hookah use there due to discrimination against women about the use of cigarettes.


Hookahs in the Middle East are allowed as a substitute for cigarettes and also traditions passed down through the country.

Use in one of the countries in the Middle East until it is contained in the law of his government. The law has a ban on the use of hookahs among people who are not yet 20 years old.

What is hookah? In hookah there are three Middle Eastern types of hookahs, namely, hookahs with a small amount of light carbon, hookahs with a lot of light carbon, and the last one with natural volumes with little volume.

The parameters used as a comparison measure with cigarettes are the amount of tar, carbon monoxide and nicotine.


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