What Is Kretek

What is Kretek and The Health Risks Behind This Cigarette

People said that smoking clove cigarettes is much healthier than tobacco. Clove itself has many health benefits.

And, based on this fact, people tend to change into this cigarette for healthy smoking. However, is that true?

What are Clove Cigarettes?

What is kretek or clove cigarette? First of all, let’s find out about what this cigarette really is. Kretek or clove cigarettes is a cigarette that uses clove as its main ingredient and mixed with tobacco and other ingredients to give it flavor.

So, you know why we said that kretek isn’t completely free from any risk for giving you the health problems, right? There is still tobacco in it.


What is Kretek Meaning?

Kretek is the onomatopoetic term to describe the sound when the cloves were burned when you light the cigarette. It produces crackling sound and Indonesian use the kretek word to describe its sound.

In Indonesia itself, kretek cigarettes is one of the popular cigarettes that smoked by many people. People love to smoke this cigarette because the price is much cheaper than a white cigarette.

This cheap price come from the low tax applied to this type of this cigarette.

Kretek Book

Carried on the warm breezes of a sultry tropic night, the scent of kretek – Indonesia’s indigenous clove cigarette – is the aromatic soul of a nation, the fragrant embodiment of all things Indonesian.

Bringing together tobacco from the New World and spices from the Old, kretek is a product of extraordinary historical circumstances, but its home is Indonesia, where the lingering traces of its distinctive aroma are an ever-present part of everyday life.

Featuring a magnificent selection of specially-commissioned photographs and an equally fascinating collection of rare maps, paintings, prints and other archival images, Kretek: The Culture and Heritage of Indonesia’s Clove Cigarettes tells the remarkable story of kretek from its origins as a remedy for asthma to its ascendancy as a cultural icon.

What Is Kretek Health Risk?

Clove cigarette or kretek isn’t free from health problem risk. In fact, this cigarette has a higher risk than the standard white cigarette. According to the studies, clove cigarette gives you more nicotine and carbon monoxide.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said the risk of having nicotine addiction is much higher.

Moreover, clove itself has a particular substance called Eugenol. This substance numbs the nerves around your throat. Therefore, this cigarette feels much smoother than the standard white cigarette.

It makes you able to smoke it for a much longer time. And, if you inhale it for a longer period of time, the risk of having lungs cancer and other respiratory problem is also increasing.

Clove Cigarette Brands


Is it safe to smoke clove cigarettes? Actually, it’s applied to everything you consume or use. If you use or consume that thing more than the limit or too much, you will get a problem.

This cigarette is also the same. Smoking Kretek in the proper portion will lower the risk of the health problem. You need to notice, we never said that you won’t get any health problem here.

So, what is kretek cigarette safest limit? One cigarette a day is enough. But it would be better if you stay away from it for your health.

What Is Kretek?
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What Is Kretek?
What is kretek or clove cigarette? Kretek or clove cigarettes is a cigarette that uses clove as its main ingredient and mixed with tobacco and other ..
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