What is Pod Vape? A Guide for Dummies

At a glance, newbie smokers must have confused Pod Vape with E-cigarette. This happens because Pod Vape looks similar with E-cigarette. However, they are different and Pod Vape is better termed as the next generation of E-cigarette.

Pod Vape—also called vape pod, pod mods, or pod systems—is really easy to use and maintain, suitable for smokers with busy schedule and social calls. Instead of tanks, vape pod uses integrated pods. Through the pod, Pod Vape delivers a smoking experience akin to smoking cigarette.

There are a lot of pros of using Pod Vape compared to the smoking classic cigarette. First, Pod Vape is arguably one of the most practical modern smoking device on the market. Pod Vape composed of two parts. The first part is the battery which provides power for the Pod Vape, while the second part is the pod which is refillable.

Second, Pod Vape is just as affordable and as easy to use as E-cigarette. Third, Pod Vape is environmental friendly with rechargeable battery and refillable pod.

So, if you are starting to get bored with your e-cigarette and want to try something new, you might want to consider Pod Vape.


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