What Is Shisha?

What You Need to Know about Shisha

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What is shisha?

Today, shisha is getting popular among people and has become a part of a lifestyle. Shisha has been widely used by many people from various social status with various ages.

Its smoke has a fruity smell so that quite a lot of people are curious to try it. Shisha is a style of smoking tobacco a la the Middle East. It is reported that around 100 million people smoke shisha because it is also common in Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, and some states in China.

Smoking shisha is different from smoking cigarettes. Shisha uses a tube or pipe filled with water with a container as a place for smoke, bowl, hose, and pipe.

Inside the tube, there is tobacco which is specifically made, heated, and added with fruit flavors. The shisha tube is also equipped with a hose to inhale the smoke produced.

Because of the fruity smell and smoke, many people consider that shisha is healthier than cigarettes. They also think that the smoke is not dangerous because the toxic of tobacco are absorbed by the water. In fact, shisha can also cause health problems just like cigarettes.

The Dangers of Shisha

Shisha is not a safe alternative or replacement for cigarettes. It is proven by a study which showed that there are toxic substances contained in shishas such as carbon monoxide, tar, nicotine, nitrogen, nitric acid, aldehyde, formaldehyde, and many more. By knowing those toxic substances, it is not surprising that shisha is also able to cause various health problems. Here are some health risks which can possibly happen to shisha smokers:

  1. Several types of cancer, such as mouth cancer, gastric cancer, lung cancer, esophagus cancer, and bladder cancer.
  2. Heart disease.
  3. Infection, periodontal disease, and peripheral vascular disease.
  4. The shisha tube and hose sometimes are not thoroughly cleaned by the providers. This condition makes it easy to spread infectious diseases, such as cold, flu, and also oral herpes.
  5. Decreased fertility. Pregnant women who smoke shisha are at risk of giving birth to a baby with respiratory issues.

Since shisha also contains tobacco and nicotine, it does not make it any healthier than cigarettes. Smoking shisha for an hour is the same as smoking 40 cigarettes. By knowing the toxic substances and dangers of shisha, now you can know that you should stop smoking shisha. That is what you need to know about what is shisha.


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