What Is Smoking

The Effects on Mental Health

Firstly, what is tobacco?

Tobacco is one of the oldest drugs ever known. It is the green leaf which is grown in the warm climates and after they were picked, dried, ground up and used in different ways.

Most people smoke tobacco, however, some of them preferred pipes or cigars. It also can be chewed and sniffed through the nose as snuff. Firstly, you have to know what is smoking before going further.

Here the effects of tobacco

Tobacco contains the stimulant of drug nicotine. You should know that nicotine will speed up the central nervous system and make you feel like you get more energy.

It also can affect your brain so that you will feel “good” after smoking. So, Nicotine will make you become highly addicted fast making it is hard to stop.

When the first time you smoke, you will feel sick and sometimes dizzy. It might make your heart beats quicker and give you a headache and make you cough as well.

Most of these effects become less as you keep smoke tobacco. Over time your body gets used with the chemicals in cigarettes, of course, nicotine.

When you inhaling the nicotine in your cigarette, then it will hit your brain within around 10 seconds and t wears off again around a few minutes.

That’s why most people need to keep smoke throughout the day and why they are so easy dependent on smoking as well.

Things to know about tobacco and mental health

If you already had mental health issues, smoking can be more complicated. You might start or keep to smoke since you think that it will help your depression or anxiety, then you have to find out when trying or stop smoking your depression or anxiety getting much worse.

So, if you keep smoking, it would be the vicious cycle since it also affects your physical condition, causes several things such as more regular colds, flu, and breath. Do you have to know about what is smoking? And its effects on your mental and physical health.

What is an overdose?

Although it’s hard to imagine, you may have too much nicotine just in one go. If you just smoke too much or you smoke or chewing the Nicorette gum while wearing the nicotine patches, then you might end up confusing, you cannot breathe or in extreme case, you have seizures.

Understand about what is smoking? It’s very important.


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