What Is Tobacco Pipe Smoking

The Danger of Tobacco Pipe Smoking

smoking tobacco pipe

What is tobacco pipe smoking? A pipe is identical with fiction characters such as Sherlock Holmes and Popeye.

A tobacco pipe is not really different from a cigarette. Both of them use tobacco as the ‘main menu’. However, you do not have to inhale the smoke to your lungs just like you are smoking a cigarette.

You just have to hold the smoke of tobacco in your mouth. Because a tobacco pipe is pretty similar to a cigarette, smoking by using tobacco pipe has the same danger by smoking a cigarette.

Smoking with a tobacco pipe does not reduce the dangers of nicotine, anyway.


Most smokers believe that by using a pipe to smoke is able to put their lungs on a safer side from the dangers of smoking cigarettes. Unfortunately, it is not true.

Research published by the Columbia University showed that even though the level of nicotine in the blood of people who smoke with a tobacco pipe is not as much as cigarette smokers, but it does not reduce the negative effects to the health of their lungs.

Most people think that smoking by using a tobacco pipe is safer because tobacco smoke does not get into the lungs. But, smoking tobacco in any methods is dangerous, somehow.

Previously, the researchers from Columbia University did the research by involving 3.500 smokers aged from 48 years old to 90 years old. The researchers then checked the nicotine content and blood pressure of each volunteer.


The result showed that the nicotine content in tobacco pipe smokers’ blood reduced only 20% from cigarette smokers. The research result also showed that tobacco pipe smokers have twice the risk of getting acute respiratory problems than those who do not smoke.

The risk will increase when they are addicted to tobacco pipe smoking. Even those who do not smoke a pipe regularly, they will have 6 times bigger risk to get lung cancer compared to those who never smoke.

Pipe smokers have 3 times the risk of dying from lung cancer. People often do not associate the use of pipes with health risks.

However, the research showed that smoking with a pipe is related to increased death risk. So, doctors should remind their patients that pipe smoking is also dangerous as well as one of the main factors of respiratory issues.

That is the answer to the question of what is tobacco pipe smoking.


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  • Windproof Wooden Tobacco Pipe Design - the smoking pipe comes with a deepened bowl, the depth of normal smoking pipe is about 1.5", but ours is about 1.7", which means tobacco will be stored safer in the bowl. Windproof design of the pipe bowl:the diameter of normal bowl is about 0.8", but our bowl is approx 0.7", you’ll get a more wonderful smoking experience!
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Joyoldelf Rosewood Tobacco Pipe Set with Wooden Stand, Reamer & 3-in-1 Pipe Scraper, 20 Pipe Cleaners & 10 Pipe Filters, 2 Pipe Bits & Metal Balls, Cork Knocker, Pipe Pouch, Bonus a Gift Box

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  • Rosewood Tobacco Pipe - Select the superior rosewood (does not contain any harmful objects), very compact but luxury, together with the wooden stand, easier to hold.
  • Multi-functional Reamer and 3-in-1 Scraper - Multifunctional reamer, which is made of stainless steel, has an important role on reducing the dust and soot, the scraper is extremely lightweight, sturdy and durable, to put tobacco into the bowl and make it burning fully. They are must have for every pipe smoker. But pay attention to be careful when using.
  • Easy to Use and Healthier - The smoking pipe can free disassembly, cleaning is very convenient; 9mm pipe filters that can absorb smoke poison filter, filter oil smoke oil vapor etc harmful substances, keep smoking be healthier, the carbon layer is heat-resistant, so you can use it directly.
  • Perfect Curve Design and Unique Grain - Rosewood smoking pipe adopts fashion and stylish design atmosphere, texture is very clear and colorful, and polishing makes it feel good. This pipe has an unique grain, no worry that it will be similar with other pipes.
  • Exquisite Pouch and Gift Box - The portable pouch can protect the pipe from being damage for some external factors, and you can put other accessories into the pouch, also easy to carry. Bonus a gift box, you can use it as a gift.

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  • BEAUTIFUL TOBACCO PIPE SET - Stylish, Cool and Distinguished – the polished ebony Smokey Co Pipe Kit will make you feel like an old school badass as you puff clouds of smoke with good draw and classy wood finish for a true gentlemen's experience
  • PIPE STARTER KIT – Great for starters or collectors – the pipe set includes a quality smoking pipe, 3 in 1 pipe tool, filters, filter balls and pipe stand. All the tools necessary for keeping your pipe clean and in good shape – no need for any extra purchases or missing accessories making it a brilliant all in one gift or present
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