What is Vape Pen? A Guide for Dummies

Vape pen is the pioneer of e-cigarette. Compared to cigalikes, vape pens are larger in size and generally have better performance. Yet, despite its larger size, vape pens are still compact and fit perfectly in hand.

Vape pens fits perfectly for smokers who are undergoing transition into vaping. With compact size, elegant and various design, not to mention the satisfying performance, vape pen is worth trying for.

Normally, vape pens are used for vapers who are always busy and need vape device that is small and easy to use. Compared to box mod kits, vape pens delivers simple yet incredible performance to use on-the-go. It is reallly small and compact that it fits perfectly in your pocket.

Vape pen fits perfectly in your pocket.


As for the components, similar with e-cigarette, vape pens are comprised of two components: the battery and the tank.

Those components could come in detachable design, or all-in-one design. Vape pens come with a lot of pros.

First, it has better performance compared to e-cigarettes. Second, it comes with more advanced battery which enables a longer battery life. Third, the tank is refillable. Fourth, it is extremely simple to use on-the-go.

All things considered, vape pens is a modern smoking device that all smokers must try.


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