What Is Vaping


What is vaping? In recent years, vaping has been becoming a warm topic in the world. Vapor becomes one of the biggest controversies in the health history.

Today, there are at least 10 million Americans and more than 30 million people in the entire world who vape.

Because of its increasing popularity, many people are curious about it. So, here is what you need to know about vape.


What Is Vaping History?

In 2003, a Chinese pharmacist named Hon Lik established a device that allows smokers to feel the sensation of smoking without having to really inhale the cigarette smoke to their lungs.

Hon Lik’s father died because of lung disease and he wanted to stop smoking because of that. He then patented the vaping device he established.

In 2007, vape was started sold in the United States of America. After that, vape is also known as e-cig or electronic cigarette. Other common names of vape are personal vaporizer, cigalikes, and mod.

Hon Lik Ecigs
Hon Lik

In the beginning, vape was actually not preferred because there are complicated things to do and complicated supporting devices for vaping.

So, many vape producers try to make a simpler and better vape. Now, a lot of shops sell vapes or vape starter kits with a rechargeable battery.

For smokers who try hard to stop smoking, vapes can help them. But for some other people, they still think that vape is as dangerous as cigarettes.

Regardless of the controversy, vape becomes a lifestyle nowadays. Some liquids used in vapes have flavors. The most used flavors are sweet ones such as fruits or candies.

The flavored liquid is helpful for those who want to reduce their addiction to nicotine.

What Is Vaping
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What Is Vaping for Beginners

For you who want to vape for the first, it will be better if you use the one that is specifically designed for beginners, such as a vape pen or vape kit that does not need more settings to use.

You just need to drip the vape liquid to the tank of the atomizer and you can directly use it. Once you got used to using it, you are able to upgrade it by using different types and settings of vape.

You can even modify your vape as you wish. However, do not forget to safely use vape.

That is the information that you should know about vape.

So, are you still curious about what is vaping?


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