When To Smoke?

We all know that we are allowed to smoke when we reach adulthood. Yet, maybe some of us don’t know exactly when to smoke. Here are several pointers to guide you.

When you are failing a test

Whether it is SAT test, psychology test, or even test of life, failing a test is always a shitty experience to have. Nevertheless, everyona must have faced it at some point. When it happens, prepare your lighter and your best cigarettes to help you get through it.

Internet is even more important than food these days. But sometimes your internet doesn't work. Oh god! What to do? Well, you could have read that novels you've been wanting to read for ages or have some cigarettes to pass the time.

When your family member is annoying

Whether it is your sibling, a nagging parent, in laws, or that aunt who always criticize your choice of fashion, you must have at least one family member who annoy the shit out of you. Sure, they are family, but you just need to get away from them. Well, make sure you do that. And while hiding in front porch, bring your cigarttes to cheer you up!

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