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Jack Nickholson

Cigar smokers sometimes went to a new places that because of business or pleasure, and did not bring along a stock of cigar. So, it must be find a right place to buy a cigar.

Before you even begin to start puffing away, you’ll need to get hold of a few so-called stogies. So, where to begin?

Firstly, there are two fundamental things to bear in mind when purchasing cigars:

  • Pricing & Budget
  • Storage Conditions

If pricing isn’t a concern for you, congratulations on being successful! However, just remember that like with any consumer product, the cigar’s price doesn’t necessarily equate to its quality.

Nevertheless, wine again serves as a basis of comparison as the most prestigious options may often come at a premium. There’s no harm in shopping around if you know where to look, of course.

We’d argue that the most important factor relates to the cigar’s storage conditions, which is why we prefer shops.

It’s paramount that the cigars were carefully stored in humidity and temperature controlled environments, or it called the cigar shop has a humidor.

If they’re too humid or too dry, their flavour can be drastically compromised. Knowing where to buy your cigars is a tricking endeavour.

It often takes a fair bit of research, time and effort. Whilst you can buy a cigar at a lounge or preferred golf course, you can also buy them online.

However, their prices can vary wildly as well as the storage conditions and resulting quality. Therefore, where should you buy your cigars on a regular basis?

In this guide, we look at the different places that you can buy cigars. We’ll share with you our thoughts and opinions when purchasing from these places with regards to convenience, quality and value for money.

With a few exceptions, it’s better to view the varieties of places that sell cigars according to your immediate needs rather than the best or worst.

For instance, while the internet can offer good deals on bulk orders, lounges are a relaxing environment and shops host personal guidance and advice.

Meanwhile, some places are better for buying the cigars to take home whilst others are ideal for smoking on the premises.

Smoking in a formal public setting requires that you may need to observe some protocol or etiquette. Meanwhile, smoking at home can be much more easygoing.

However, smaller stores may offer better pricing because the haven’t garnered the same status. That said, it’s important to check whether they take the same care in their wares.

Similarly, smaller stores may have limited space to stock their ranges in the right conditions. Meanwhile, larger ones will have a plethora of different sticks but their overheads for large storage may impact their pricing.

Generally, shop prices will be significantly less than lounges or clubs. As mentioned above, they still vary wildly and buying a box can be an investment.

Nevertheless, the care and quality of the product may well be worth the extra funds.

Have a nice shopping…..


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