Why Don’t Try Box-Pressed Cigars


Smoking cigar sometimes is like an art, choosing a cigar stick itself also need knowledge and consider with a taste and flavor. For some people, price is not a problem as long they got a fresh good quality and their favorite brand.

Mostly of cigar smoker will choose a normal circle shape cigar, which means a normal basic shape, bold and good wrapper.  But, there are also some people that selected “unusual” cigar shape, like square shape, that also called as “Box-Pressed Cigar” or “square-pressed.”

Not every brand has produced a box-pressed cigar.  According to some information, at the beginning there are no any cigar producer that specially making a box-pressed cigar.

Box Pressed Cigar

What Is Box-Pressed Cigar?

What is the box-pressed cigars? According to the story, box-pressed cigars were created by accident when manufacturers packed the cigars too tight during shipping and some got sort of squished. The thing is, some people kind of liked them that way, and so box-pressed cigars became a thing.

Of course, the obvious question is why do people like them? What are the advantages of trying box-pressed cigars?

Due to the condition from round roll because of pressed that become square, the roll of cigar became tighter, it is the condition making the cigar compressed and change the shape.

Boxpressed Cigar

And, because of the tight of the roll, the box-pressed cigar will tends more slowly down in the burning/ smoking process and intensifies tobacco flavor.

Because of that, it will more longer-lasting for the smoker to enjoy the cigar and the flavor is more consistent from the first burning until a second-third of the cigar.

Another reason is the square cigar more comfortable fit to the finger and mouths.

There are two type of creating box-pressed cigar, some cigar producers specially making box-pressed cigars, but some of box-pressed cigars happen because of the shipment process as described above.

More About Box-Pressed Cigar

For the coincident box-pressed cigars, some of them if keeping for a long time in the humidor, it will be back to the circle shape.

For over the years the box-pressed cigar become popular among the cigar smokers, some because of fun and the others are because they like the taste and flavor.

Some of cigar smoker also have another reason, even they prefer to smoke a traditional round cigar, they tried to smoke a box-pressed cigar because something different of feeling.

But anyway most of the cigar smoker after they tried the box-pressed cigar, they are back to the traditional one, some give a reason that they are not comfortable.

Some producers also have a reasons to produce a box-pressed cigar, among them is Rocky Patel (because a personally prefers), Davidoff, Erez, CAO, etc.

The cigars among others are Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 & 1992, Decade, Olde Worlde Reserve, and Honduran Classic, CAO Maduro, CAO Italia, the famous Padron Anniversary selections, Perdomo selections, Alec Bradley Prensado, 601 (Blue) Maduro, and Flor de Gonzalez selections.


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