Why People Smoking

Why Do People Starts Smoking?

Whenever you look – on magazines, TV or social media platforms, even in the cigarette packs, there are so many warnings related to the health issues of smoking.

Thus, there are only a few public places which actually allow you to sit and take a cigarette. So, you might wonder, why people smoking?

They are the first smokers

There are many people start smoking when they were in the teen periods. They might start to try it since the peer pressure from their friends or just they think that they are teens and they want to push the borders and taking risks.

Once they start to smoke, then it is so hard to stop
No matter what the reason is when someone just first time tries a cigarette, then it might not the same reasons why they still smoke until now.

Why people smoking? There are many common reasons why they keep smoking and the most important is how someone can handle these when they start to quit.

They addicted to nicotine
Over time, their bodies will be addicted to the nicotine. Thus, there are so many smokers who have just finished one cigarette, then their bodies start to crave another one.

If they cannot satisfy these cravings, then they will start to experience the withdrawal symptoms. They might feel stress, anxious, down and off of those feelings will push them to crave a cigarette again.

They think that smoking can help them feel relaxed
There are some people might think that they smoke for it feels like it helps them to overcome any negative emotion or feeling – make them feel more well being.

Even some people with mental health issues, such as anxiety, may smoke because it helps them to decrease their symptoms. Either way, they will feel like smoking can keep their emotions under control as well.

The positive effects once someone quits
When a smoker starts to quit, then they prefer to experience the withdrawal symptoms, especially in their first two weeks. A good news is that those symptoms will reduce during with time.

If you are a smoker who needs help to overcome those symptoms, then it’s better to remind that you are not alone. You are able to talk with your doctor since they are up to 3x more likely to succeed to help you.

So there are many underlying reasons, Why people smoking? Once you quit, you will get health benefits.


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