Why Smoking Is Bad

Reasons To Know Why Smoking Is Bad For You

Smoking can damage your health and body in many ways. Instead of the health effects which harmful for smokers, smoke cigarette also harms the fetus and people surround you.

Even the cost of smoking in the field of health-care resources and other costs that you should not be underestimated.

There are many reasons related to why smoking is bad.

Lung Diseases
There are many types of research from the CDC also noted that there are around 49 percents of smokers now have chronic bronchitis and around 24 percents have emphysema.

For the former smokers, there are around 24 percents of emphysema and 26 percents of having chronic bronchitis.

The death risk caused by the chronic obstructive of lung disease is around 12 to 13 times higher among smokers rather than the non-smokers.

Heart Disease and Blood Vessel Disease

The CDC also reports that smoking also increases the risk of stroke and heart disease two to four times. Smoke cigarette can cause the blood vessel narrowing that can lead to reduced blood delivery to the body.

Smoking also increases the risk of weakening or ballooning blood vessels which also called as aneurysms. Here is one reason why smoking is bad.

Weak bones
You should know that women smokers also have osteoporosis levels and hip fractures after getting menopause. According to research, one in eight hip fractures in women were caused by smoking.

At the age of 60, the risk of hip fractures on women smokers are around 17 percents higher rather than in nonsmokers and 71 percents of higher in the age 80.

If you smoke, you mostly like to get stroke attack rather than non-smokers. The fact is that smoking increases the risk of giving stroke at least 50 percents which can cause brain damage and even death.

One way why smoke can increase the stroke risk is by increasing your chances of developing the brain aneurysm. It can rupture that can lead to a serious condition which called as subarachnoid hemorrhage.

Mouth and throat

Smoke can cause unpleasant issues such as stained teeth and bad breath which also cause gum diseases – destroy the sense of taste as well. The most serious damage is the increasing of cancer risks in your tongue, lips, throat, voice box and esophagus.

Good news is when you stop smoke tobacco, even after many years of use, you can decrease the risk of head and neck cancer. Here some reasons of why smoking is bad.


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