Why Smoking Kills

How Smoking Kills You

You should know that smoke tobacco can be an underlying problem of death and illness in Australia.

Smoking can cause a wide range of cancers, such as stroke and heart disease. Even if you are actually a light smoker like one cigarette in a day. It can increase someone’s risk of dying early.

Shortly, it’s so worrying since many people reported that they smoke only 10 cigarettes in a day with the hope that it would be less dangerous.

When considering, why smoking kills? There are different points to know.

Many people have died from smoking

Tobacco can cause more health issues and death than other drugs. In Australia, smoking killed around 18,000 people each year. It was estimated that around 70 percents of those deaths were caused by alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.

Around two to three people who smoke in their lifetime will die because of their habits and they will die around ten years earlier rather than non-smokers.

Here some chemicals inside the cigarettes

The tobacco smoke contains more than 7000 chemicals, such as:

  • Tar – the mixture of chemicals
  • Arsenic – it was found in the ant poison
  • Nicotine – an additive chemical
  • Carbon monoxide – you can find it in the car exhaust fumes
  • Ammonia – you can find it in the floor cleaner or cleaner products

There are around 70 chemicals in the tobacco smoke which also known as the cause of cancer. So, smoking can cause the throat, lung, mouth, esophagus, pancreas, kidney and other serious health issues.

Even the tobacco smoke also can cause heart disease, emphysema, and stroke as well.

How do you quit smoking?

Nicotine which appears naturally in the tobacco plants is the drug that makes people want to keep smoking. Researches have shown that just like heroin, nicotine is also addictive.

Means, when people start to smoke regularly, then their bodies get used to nicotine and it takes a regular dose as well. one reason why people keep smoking is to avoid the withdrawal symptoms which can be so unpleasant.

The withdrawal can bring the physical as well as emotional changes, such as restlessness, cravings, depression, sleeping patterns and increase the appetite as well. the withdrawal syndromes are the signs that your body starts to recover and your body gets used to living without nicotine.

Usually, these symptoms will go around two to four weeks. Many reasons, why smoking kills.


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