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Wismilak Hijau Review

Wismilak Hijau a.k.a Wismilak Green is one of best-seller clove cigarettes (kretek) produced by PT. Gelora Djaja, Surabaya, Indonesia.

Wismilak blended uses pure and distinctive choice of tobacco, clove, and sauce to produce a unique taste and flavor.

Wismilak Hijau Kretek

Wismilak Hijau (Wismilak Kretek)

The Wismilak Hijau tobacco for blending selected from the grade-A, and hand-rolled in the PT. Gelora Djaja factory in Surabaya that is to give a pleasure to the smokers.

In the market, these cigarettes available in hard and soft pack of each 12 cigarettes per pack. The ingredient contains of 6 mg Tar and 2.2 mg Nicotine.

The Wismilak Hijau packaging color is dominant with green color.

Wismilak Hijau

Wismilak Hijau (Wismilak Kretek) Review

The stick of cigarette is non-filtered and there is a marking in green color like a band near the edge of the cigarette.

This clove cigarette is slow burn, not like a filtered cigarette.

Wismilak is one of an old clove cigarette from Indonesia that is more than 50 years since the first launching.

Wismilak Kretek Wismilak Hijau

Many people think the name of Wismilak is coming from English words of “wish me luck”.

When the pack is opened it will be smell of tobacco flavor mixed with the clove and sauce.

The first light-up it will taste a dominant spicy and a little bit of fruity flavor, and then it has a sweet taste on the lips.

After that it will sound crackling from the burn of tobacco mixture with clove, the aroma of this cigarette is stronger than others clove cigarette.

This clove cigarette is the masterpiece product of the company hand-rolled cigarettes.  Beside marketed locally, this clove cigarette also exported to many countries around the worlds.

The producers.

Wismilak clove cigarettes produced by PT. Gelora Djaja, developed by Oei Bian Hok and a couple Lie Koen Lie and Liem Sien Nio in 1962.

Liem Sien Nio is the third child of Liem Seeng Tee, the founder of cigarette factory HM Sampoerna.

The office and factory of PT. Gelora Djaja location in Jalan Petermon Barat, Surabaya.

Since then they has tried to produce a hand-rolled clove cigarette by their own formulation of sauce in the home-industries basis, with a band Wismilak Kretek Special.

The sales of this new hand-rolled clove cigarettes is good and increasing from time to time, until the company able to developed a large scale factory as seen today.

Nowadays the factory not only producing hand-rolled clove cigarettes, they also producing machine-rolled filter cigarettes, cigar and others type of cigarettes.

Until now, Wismilak Hijau clove cigarettes still the best selling among the others products, the classic taste still maintained with some improvements to get a satisfaction guarantee for the customers.

To buy this cigarette, now is available in the online shop with a reasonable fair price.

Pics. Wismilak/PT. Gelora Djaja.

Wismilak Hijau Review
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Wismilak Hijau Review
Wismilak Hijau a.k.a Wismilak Green is one of best-seller clove cigarettes (kretek) produced by PT. Gelora Djaja, Surabaya, Indonesia.
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