Women and Smoking Tobacco Pipe

Mostly if we talk about tobacco pipe the connotation is a man or old man smoking pipe with the pipe hanging on the lips, or in mind are consider with a masculine.

The facts based on the history many women that also smoking tobacco pipe, up to this time. In the last century like in China and Japan, for some local tribe there are a women has a habit smoking tobacco pipe.

Japan Smoking Pipe

In the 17th and 18th centuries, in Europe there are many a high society ladies smoking tobacco pipes, the pipe usually made of clay.

And the fact that not only in the high society class, but also in all classes of women smoked both in public and in private area.

By the 19th century, Scotland and Ireland were the primary exporters of clay pipes from the United Kingdom.

Vintage Women Smoking Pipe

During that period of the great famine when waves of Irish and Scots were immigrating to the new world, these pipes had already acquired nicknames.

They were often though to always have a dhudeen, or short-stemmed clay pipe, in their mouths. Also, the Scottish or Irish styles were very recognizable.

Dublins and Derries were two common shapes. African-Americans were often seen smoking white clay pipes later dubbed “Negro pipes” or worse “Niger Pipes

Women Smoking Tobacco Pipe

The change as smoking pipes began to be associated with the working class throughout Europe, especially in the high society class.

By 1850, smoking no longer a social acceptable thing for women, particularly in France or England, and even in American polite society. But there are many ladies still smoked in private.

For working class women that are no problem, they still enjoy their pipes without shame up until the 1930s.

Since 1920, Tobacco companies were actively targeting a female market, including cigarettes as a primary choice.

Ancient Women Smoking

In 1960s and it is ‘culture wars’ represented a shift back towards women smoking tobacco pipes, after targeted marketing from the tobacco pipes producers like Butz-Choquin, Vauen and Lorenzo brought European women back to the pipe.

Today in the 21st century, many women smoking tobacco pipe, but not so much showed in public.

That is never ending commentary in smoker’s forums as to whether or not female pipe smokers are a good thing or bad.

Women enjoying smoking pipes for the same reasons men do. In the modern era or after the world war-2 era, in some country in Asia, a women smoking pipe publicly is same to be not polite.

Women Smoking

So, they smoke pipe privately or when hang-out with friends at such of place like a pub or cafe.  It still depends on the local culture.

Anyway, for women who like smoking tobacco pipes, there are many type and model of tobacco pipes in the market, both in tobacconist or on the online shops.

Here is a pipes that maybe suitable for you all.  There are some producers of tobacco pipe made special pipes for women, like; Tekin, Salim, Medet, Emin, Savinelli, Butz-Choquin (L pipe), etc.

The models of pipe mostly selected by most women are A Churchwarden pipe is a tobacco pipe with a long stem.

But, many women also smoke a classic model of tobacco pipe like full bent shape or Bent Bulldog type.  That is a choice for women to smoke pipe or not, that is not about a masculine’s or feminism



Pear Churchwarden Handcrafted Pipe Tobacco Long Lady "ORCHID"

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  • Lady Long Pear Root Tobacco pipe FASHION LIGHT WHITE STEM
  • Wooden tobacco pipe
  • Fashion smoking pipe
  • Length - 200 mm / 7.9 In

Fashion Long Tobacco Pipes of Pear Root"LADY-BLUES" 9'' Carving Handmade Designed for Pipe Smokers

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  • Fashion Handcrafted Churchwarden Smoking Tobacco Pipe
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KYSUN Smoking Pipe Handmade Wood Pipe Wooden Cigar Pipe Smoking Accessories Tobacco Pipe for Smoking

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  • YOU WILL GET: 1 x smoking pipe, 1 x box
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  • Product size: total length 14.5CM outer diameter 2.8CM within diameter 2CM
  • ABOUT PIPE CLEANING: The smoking tube can be dismantled freely and it is very convenient to clean.
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA FOR SMOKER LOVERS: Perfect to be as a gift for Father's Day, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, Teacher's Day and all smoking lovers.

Handcrafted Churchwarden Pear Wood The Hobbit Pipe Gandalf Wizard Pipe Long Stem Wooden Tobacco Pipe 10" inches Long with Deep Bowl Perfect Gift for Men and Women- Pipe Stand not Included

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  • Made of real natural pear wood, Deluxe hand carved smooth straight churchwarden 10 inches long
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SUMJULY Retro Women's Metal Pipe Retractable Ladies Long Rod Cigarette Holder Adjustable ?only Suitable for Women's ?

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  • Material: Aluminum Nomal Length: 15cm Extended Length: 27cm?Suitable for ladies cigarettes?
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  • Small size and light weight, you can feel free to put it in your pocket and bag, convenient for outdoor and indoor use
  • The size measured manually. Tolerance is 1 cm
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