LA Lights Cigarettes Review

LA Lights is one of the best-seller filtered clove cigarette from Djarum, a simple filtered clove cigarette but riches of flavor, machined-roll wrapped in white color cigarette paper contain low tar and nicotine, slime shape and clean lines.

LA Lights clove cigarette first launched in April 21, 1996. It is a light version of Djarum Super, very nice taste and fruity flavor.

La Lights Clove Cigarettes
LA Lights Cigarettes Series (LA Lights, LA Menthol, LA Ice)

LA Lights Clove Cigarettes

This Djarum LA Lights clove cigarettes kretek filters become popular among the smokers in Indonesia who’s looking for a light clove cigarettes.

Its smooth and complexity of flavor comes from the patented Triple Blended™ manufacture process, where the finest ground tobacco and cloves mixed three times over to yield a smooth and satisfying taste.

La Lights
Djarum LA Lights

The LA Lights kretek filters manufactured in a fully automated process using high-technology machinery, under a total production management approach, integrated control and computerized monitoring systems oversees the process all the way from starting rolled the cigarettes to the final packing phase.

As the complexity of ingredients blend of clove cigarette, it needed a comprehensive management of products.

The LA Lights cigarette blended by mixing of varieties of tobacco leaves, fine cloves and special sauce.

La Lights Cigarettes
LA Lights Clove Cigarettes

The sauce itself containing up to 100 different ingredients, including flavoring, spices, fruits, coffee, and other seasonings.

The result of those process is a high quality of filtered clove cigarettes, mild, rich of flavors and nice aroma, delivers a refreshingly smooth, light taste.

LA Lights machined-rolled bold and slim, packaging in the dominant white, silver combined with red color brand paper box of 16 stick cigarettes.

The stick cigarette also wrapped in white color cigarette wrapped paper, including the filter, only a thin silver line in the tipping paper side, with small characters of L.A. In red color, LIGHT in silver color.

LA Lights Review

This Djarum L.A. Lights is really a light clove cigarette, when light-up and puffing, it given a taste of lightly sweet, spicy of clove, and little bit fruity.

This LA Lights is not slow burning clove cigarette, even the burn and taste is consistent.

La Light kretek cigarettes
LA Lights

Nearly end of two-third smoking, it will be warmer than the first one-third phase, and the taste and flavor become weak, and little bit of throat hint.

Except the spicy and flavor of clove, this mild clove cigarette nearly like a classic white filtered cigarette. The other different also in the smell of smoke.

This filtered clove cigarette is nice for the smokers who are want to have new experience with a clove cigarettes.

La Lights Kretek Filters
LA Lights Kretek Filters

It offering new taste, flavor and aroma with a good balance of smoking, does not given a strong warm or hard spicy of cloves.

Djarum has tried to give a satisfaction of smoking with this filtered light clove cigarette, and new experience of smoking for the beginner of clove cigarette smokers.

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La Lights Advertising

LA Lights TVC Ad

The selling price of this LA Lights clove cigarettes also fair enough, and easy to find at the tobacco kiosk, shop, or the online shop.

This cigarette also already exported to some countries around the world.

LA Lights Cigarettes Review
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LA Lights Cigarettes Review
LA Lights is one of the best-seller filtered clove cigarette from Djarum, LA Lights kretek filters is a simple filtered clove cigarette but riches of flavor.
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