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  • Vape Atomizer

    What is Atomizer in Vape?

    Atomizer can be called the production house of vapour. That is why sometimes atomizer is called vape tank. In atomizer, there is a heating element in form of metal coil […] More

  • How To Blow Smoke Rings

    Easy Vape Trick: Double/Triple Ring

    A step forward from the basic smoke ring, this vape trick is a bit more difficult from smoke ring trick yet look much more impressive. Once you have mastered the […] More

  • Smoke 2350729 1920

    Easy Vape Trick: Smoke Ring Tutorial

      Vaping is not only a lifestyle or need, it is also a form of art. When you exhale the smoke from your mouth, you can make a lot of […] More

  • Man Vaping An Electronic Cigarette

    Easy Vape Trick: Ghost Inhale Tutorial

    Impressing your friends when you guys are vaping together is, of course, important. You can do that by doing vape tricks that look very extraordinary and difficult but are a […] More

  • Fruity Vaping Juice

    4 Best Fruity E-Juices

    One of the available types of e-juice flavour is fruity e-juice. Integrating fruit in your smoking may at first seems weird. However, once you have tried it, it is certainly […] More

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