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Djarum Super can be touted as the icon of Djarum Company. Djarum Company itself has created, produced, and released various kretek cigarettes in Indonesia and Djarum Super is one of the eldest sons in the family.

The slogan is “Djarum Super with Superfine Clove” while the superfine clove is a rendering process to make the best quality cloves established by Djarum.

Djarum Super Clove Cigarettes

Djarum Super will evoke the sense of pride while you smoke it. The mixture of Superfine Clove and premium tobacco from Java and Madura has made a superfine clove cigarettes that could be enjoyed by all generations even the new ones.

Djarum Super

Djarum Super has a hint of fruity aroma and flavor. Wrapped in a masculine pack, Djarum Super uses black, red, and gold to attract the customers.

With 1.8 mg of nicotine and 32 mg of tar, this cigarette will bring a distinctive smoking experience to you.

As one of the regular premium cigarettes, Djarum Super uses machines to roll each kretek cigarette. The popularity has been around since the product is introduced to the public in 1981 for the first time.

Djarum Super 16

Until today, the company has done anything and given all efforts to maintain the image and quality of this legend. The product is available in 12 Kretek Filter and 16 Kretek Filter per pack.

Both versions have the same level of tar and nicotine but Indonesian smokers always say that the 12-pieces pack tastes much better than the 16-pieces pack. Djarum Company is located at Kudus, Indonesia.

As we have mentioned earlier, Djarum has created and produced several brands under the company’s name, such as; Djarum Black, LA Lights, Djarum Coklat, Djarum 76, Djarum Forte, etc.

Rokok Djarum Super

Djarum Super, The Best One To Taste

However, Djarum Super is by far the best one when it comes to the taste. It is light, sweet, and fluffy that will be the favorite for those who love cloves so much.

The level of nicotine is respectable and satisfying but the smoke is not too strong or heavy. This is what you are looking for when it comes to very pleasant smoking experience.

Djarum Super Advertising

If you are looking for a cigarette with an amazing taste of cloves in it, Djarum Super is right up your taste. It contains less tar compared to Djarum Black.

However, the price is more expensive compared to other Djarum’s products in the same class.

Djarum Super 16 New Style is an innovation made by the company for Djarum Super. It has more pieces inside but the package is more pocket-friendly compared to other brands that serve 16 pieces of cigarettes per pack.

Djarum Super Pack
Djarum Super Special Edition Pack

However, many people think that 16 pieces per pack is an oldish thing and it does not match with nowadays’ trends.

This product is suitable for those who will resell the product in a half considering it is equipped with dual foils.

Of course, the presence of 16-piece packs is supposed to spoil the loyal customers who need something longer while the pack is stylish and pocket-friendly so you can put it inside the pocket easily. It targets the middle- and low-class customers.

Djarum Super 16
Djarum Super 16

With their “New Style” slogan, they want to bring it to the next level along with the innovation.

Considering Djarum Super is one of the best kretek cigarettes in Indonesia, this 16-piece pack should be booming in the business.

Compared to the usual Djarum Super with 12-piece per pack, the 16-piece per pack products provides more quantity of cigarettes.

Djarum Super

The packaging design is more stylish and modern compared to other brands that sell similar products.

However, people still prefer to purchase the classic ones that contain 12 pieces per pack considering it is less expensive if you count it per piece of cigarette.

More than anything, Djarum Super is one of the best cigarettes in Indonesia.

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