Cigars Versus the Other Tobacco Cigarettes

There are several types of cigarette and one of them is cigars. A cigar is a little bit different than the other cigarettes such as in the way you smoke it, package, and design.

Some people correlate cigar with a high-class cigarette due to the price of this product.

This product is also used in some popular movies in which the casts are smoking a cigar.

Let’s find out more about cigars below to get more understanding of why it is expensive and called as a high-class cigarette.

Cigar and Its History

The main difference between a cigar and an ordinary cigarette is the design. A cigar is made of three components which are the filler, the binder leaves, and a wrapper leaf.

The binder leaves are used to hold the filter together and then wrapped with a tobacco leaf.

The quality of cigar determines by the quality of the tobacco and its wrapper leaf. The more expensive the price, it means the cigar is using the best tobacco and wrapper leaf.

Then, the fermented dried tobacco leaves rolled together into a bundle to be a cigar.

This short explanation shows what is cigar and its different than any other cigarettes in the market.

Before delivered to the customers, the manufacturer gives the cigars a printed logo band.

The cigars history started in 1756 or in the mid-eighteenth century. Based on the historical report, Israel Putnam brought Havana cigars and it makes cigar popular in the US, especially after the American Revolution.


He also brought a specific tobacco seed species known as Cuban tobacco which used as Cuban cigars.

He planted the seed in the Hartford, New England. Because of that, smoking a cigar was a common thing at the end of the 18th century and the 19th century.

The unique part is that people often use a pipe to smoke a cigar.

Until today, cigar tobacco is a popular product in Central America, Caribbean, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and many more.

Some specific countries such as Indonesia, Philippine, Eastern United States, Italy, and Spain produce cigars.

Types of Cigars Available in the Market

Just like tobacco cigarettes, you can also find some types of cigars in the market.

Those cigars are different because of their size, shape, color, and the quality of the ingredients.

Some of them are popular in the market and the rest are rare.


For those who want to try to smoke a cigar, you can try a broadleaf cigar. Broadleaf cigars are easily found in the market. Smokers love this type of cigar because of its bold taste.

Broadleaf tobacco is the main ingredient and it is used as the part of the filler or a wrapper. The color of the cigar is darker along with a little bit sweet and mixed with chocolate and maple taste.


The taste of Ligero cigar is different because this product is only made by the top of tobacco leaves. The top of the leaves is harvested the last.

Ligero tobacco is also a longer growing season plant. The special part of a cigar made of a longer growing season tobacco is the strong taste.


Another darker tobacco cigar is Habano cigar. Uniquely, the taste of the tobacco leaf is spicy and it has a potent aroma. Due to this character, the Habano tobacco leaf often uses as a cigar wrapper.

This type of cigar is easy to find because the seed has been planted in a variety of places. Cuba is the original place of the Habano tobacco plant.


You can easily find this type of cigar in Indonesia. Nowadays, Sumatra cigar is also available in Ecuador and Nicaragua.

It is also dark tobacco. Smokers love the mild taste sensation.

The unique part is that each of the Sumatra cigars has a different taste. The taste depends on the growing area.

The Ingredients of a High-Quality Cigars

The taste of cigar is different and it depends on the ingredients.

In general, cigars ingredients consist of three elements which are the wrapper, binder, and filler.

Some of the tobacco leaves are used as a wrapper because of the strong smell. The lighter wrapper is known as a natural whereas the darker is known as a Maduro.

Some of the tobacco leaves used as a filler because of the light flavor. It is taken from all parts of the tobacco plant.

The leaves are treated in three steps which are curing, fermentation, and aging.

Interesting, there are some leaves that fermented up to two years to get its best quality and strong flavor.

There is also a cigar made of the base or low middle of the tobacco plant. It is called a binder cigar.

Commonly, the ingredient is taken from the same tobacco plant that used for filler cigar.

The Art of Smoking a Cigar

A cigar is considered as a high-class cigarette not only because of its ingredients but also because of the way to smoke it.

You have to understand the art of smoking a cigar to know the taste and sensation.

Actually, there are some methods to smoke a cigar. The steps below show how to smoke a cigar.

First, you have to cut the cigar. You need a specific blade known as a guillotine to cut the head of the cigar and make sure that you cut it in one chop.

Second, use the right lighter such as long wood matches or butane lighter.

It is better not to use paper matches and gas lighter. Third, put the cigar close to the lighter but don’t burn it.

The purpose is to make it warm. Fourth, when it is warm enough, you can start to light the cigar slowly.

In the sense of cigars for beginners, these steps look a little bit complicated but it makes this product special.

Popular Cigars

There are several popular cigar brands in the market. Some of them are considered as cheap cigars but still offer the best quality.

Those brands are including aging room, Arturo Fuente, Ashton, CAO, Cohiba, Hoyo de Monterrey, and Rockey Patel.

Nowadays, it is easy to find cigars for sale and even, you can buy it online from a reputable online store.

The explanation above gives you enough understanding of why cigars are different from the other tobacco cigarettes.

You also finally know why some of them are expensive. The most important thing, you can also learn how to enjoy cigars for a maximal sensation.


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